Voices of the 21st Century

Women empowered through
passion and purpose

I am thrilled to announce that I am a co-author of this inspiring book
which was officially launched in February 2024:

Voices of the 21st Century

Women empowered through
passion and purpose

This book is now an Internationally Acclaimed Bestseller in the US, Canada, UK and Australia in many categories.

Published by the Women Speakers Association – a global gathering place for women speakers, authors and experts to support, mastermind and mentor one another.

I am very grateful that I have had this opportunity to be a part of this incredible group and meet some wonderful ladies from around the world to share our journey together.

In my chapter, I share how, with perseverance and tenacity, a negative work situation can be turned around into a ‘positive’ – with a long and successful business and some ‘helpful tips’.


I share how a negative work situation can be turned around into a positive, long and successful business, with some tips along the way.

EXCERPT from Perseverance and Tenacity by Marsha Lake

Forty-one years of operating a business! Has it really been that long?

From the time I arrived in Sydney, Australia, in 1968 (after completing my education in the United Kingdom), I had always worked for an employer. Was it satisfying? At the time, yes; I enjoyed learning additional skills to increase my knowledge and expertise from a “Junior” to an experienced and well-respected executive secretary.

That is, until my last position, working directly with the CEO of a national organisation. I had staff reporting to me, and I was responsible for the operation of the office (and for making major decisions) when the CEO was away.

Three months after commencing this position, everything changed—including any respect I had had for the CEO. He had a wife, but he was also regularly meeting his girlfriend for lunch. I continually had to make excuses to his wife (who had become a friend) about his whereabouts. 

I was happily married for three years and pregnant at the time. The CEO began to make fun of my ever-growing stomach . . . every day . . . at every sales meeting, in front of staff who reported directly to me and clients who came into the office. My hormones were working overtime, and I was close to tears most days!

As I discussed this with my husband, I said, “I’m never going to work for an employer again; I’ll start my own business!”

Not knowing how at the time, I just knew that when I returned to the workforce, it would be as a business owner! 

(continued in the published book)

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